Ketchapp’s ZigZag Will Test Your Skills and Sanity

Ketchapp has established itself as a developer that regularly pumps out pocket-sized skill challenge games. From Don’t Touch The Spikes To Skyward, Ketchapp’s games are for players who enjoy twitchy gameplay and perfecting a single challenging skill. ZigZag, Ketchapp’s latest release, is no different.

Featuring a small black ball set upon a narrow pathway, players need to get the ball rolling up the path while keeping the ball from falling off of the ledge. The objective is to get the ball up the pathway as far as possible. The game’s catch is that once the ball begins rolling, it does not stop, and the ball can only make sharp, 90-degree diagonal turns. Tap once to get the ball rolling towards the top right corner of your screen, tap again to make it shift towards rolling to the top left corner of your screen. Back and forth, back and forth, zig-zagging your way up the path.


It sounds easy enough but you’d be amazed how quickly the game becomes difficult. My highest score is 71, and after 50 the board starts to fade with shades of white, blending into the background making it exceptionally difficult to progress.

For me, the most troubling spots were when the path made four or five sharp zig-zags back to back. With only about a half-second’s time to correct the ball’s course after a “zig” before you need to “zag”, watching my ball plummet off the ledge was an all-too-frequent occurrence.

ZigZag is easy enough to play, and available for free on the App Store, so those of you who may be tiring of my last (and far more relaxing) free game recommendation Powder may want to give ZigZag a look.

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