Jrump Wants You to Make the Galaxy Great Again

Or maybe needs you would be more precise. In the satirical, theoretical 2017 of the mobile game Jrump, Donald Jrump has succeeded in winning the Oval Office and then immediately proceeded to run everything into the ground.

Obviously, he’s not just going to stick around and hang out in the dying embers of the Earth, so he’s going to escape by jumping into space, bouncing off his favorite thing: walls.

In case it’s not already obvious, developers Oddboy & Apparcanum make it clear in the game’s write-up that Jrump is “For humor/satirical purposes only. Not to be taken seriously.” That tracks when you see the trailer, which can’t help but make you laugh at how they got a certain presidential candidate’s mannerisms down so cold:

And as Kotaku notes, it would have been easy to make a game like this without putting much thought into the graphics. Jrump feels like more than just a throwaway to cash in on what’s happening right this second.

All that’s left to do is help Jrump “Make the Galaxy Great Again,” despite the presence of “lightweights” that look suspiciously like his real world inspiration’s political opponents. To help him out, you can download the game from the App Store or Google Play for free right now.

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