Jetpack Joyride Goes Back to the Future

A recent update for Jetpack Joyride adds enough Back to the Future references in the game to fill up a novelty ’80s café. In other words, when you update Halfbrick’s classic endless runner, you’re going to see some serious you-know-what.

The update pays specific homage to Back to the Future II, since we’re rapidly closing in the date when Marty McFly arrives from 1985 to say hello to 2015. Er, that date is October 21, by the way. You should know that, though. If your teachers haven’t already quizzed you thoroughly about the occasion, I don’t know what to think of the school system.

The main goal in Jetpack Joyride Back to the Future remains the same as the original game’s: Stay flying for as long as possible, and feel free to bump off any nerds in radiation suits. However, the graphics have been updated to reflect the version of 2015 we all wish we lived in.


You grab flux capacitors to add time to your countdown, you can upgrade your jetpack to the DeLorean or a hover board (brought to you by Mattel!), and you can unlock Doc and Biff outfits, though you’re obviously going to want to stick with Marty’s tie-dye hat.

The new Hill Valley background is looking appropriately future-retro, too. Halfbrick didn’t have time to build it to scale, but surely you can excuse them. Oh, and look out for Jaws 19 ads. Those special effects are killer.

The Back to the Future update for Jetpack Joyride is free to download. Grab it off the App Store and revel in the joy of travelling without roads.

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