Jelly Jump is Slippery, Tasty

After spending some time with Ketchapp’s Jelly Jump, I have just one question: What the heck is its titular jelly made of? Is it some kind of off-brand gelatin dessert? A semi-solid metal? A cube of human fat?

Either way, the jelly has some pretty convincing physics behind it. It slips, slops, and jiggles. The jelly’s unique look and sound is more than enough to help this challenging endless jumper stand out from the crowd.

jelly jump

You have just one mission in Jelly Jump: Leap. Leap, or get crushed like a wad of chewed-up gum on the sole of a shoe.

A black ichor rises constantly from the bottom of the screen, and if you’re caught up in it, you’re a dead jelly. But the platforms you jump onto offer shaky refuge at best. They fit together like gate doors, and if you don’t clear them in time, you risk getting caught in the machinery.

This alone isn’t so bad, since you can tap the screen rapidly to try and free yourself. But that black liquid is constantly rising, and if it grabs you – well, you already know what’ll happen.

Jelly Jump is as simple as an “endless” game gets, but it’s still good fun thanks to its weird physics, thudding soundtrack, and stages that look like they’re glowing under a black light. It’s definitely worth a go if you’re into constant climbs. Just watch out for those doors, and if you see a kid come at you with a spoon, run the other way.

Jelly Jump is available now on iOS and Android, and is a free download.

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