Improve Your Texting With Free Fallout Emoji

I’m pretty sure we have all had a moment where a Vault Boy GIF would have really improved our story or the emotive face of a Dweller could have clarified the subtext of one of our messages. So we are happy to announce that Bethesda has released a Fallout- themed keyboard, which includes over 60 emoji, to add that necessary vault-style to your texting.

Fallout CHAT

Fallout’s signature look is a retrofuturistic aesthetic evocative of the 1950s, bringing both the charm and future-y technology of the era. Highlights from the new emoji set include an atomic cloud, a monkey in an astronaut suit, and the ever-useful can of pork and beans. You can also avail yourself of the “Stressed Out Nerd” or “Happy Brain Injury” Vault Boy emoji along with several animated GIFs that feature cannibalism, Hulk rage and enthusiastic alcohol consumption.

Fallout CHAT

While this official Vault-Tec Communications Hub and Transmitter (C.H.A.T.) will surely appeal to Fallout fans, we should set some expectations, lest you be let down. Be aware that the text and emoji require copying and pasting, rather than true in-line typing. This can make texting a bit tedious, but if you love Fallout, you’re probably willing to take the extra step. Sadly, on an iPhone 6, the emoji are also somewhat pixilated, so hopefully a future update will improve image resolution. In the meantime, the GIFS look just nifty.

Fallout CHAT is is free to download on iOS and Android.

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