Hill Climb Racing 2 Gets Even Bigger and Better in this Week’s Update

In case you were worried that developer Fingersoft would slow down on releasing Hill Climb Racing 2 updates as the game drove farther from the starting gates, worry no more. While the first batch of new features came just over a week after launch, in the form of the Christmas Cup and Santa outfits, this week’s update is even larger, adding tons of new content for higher level players and completionists who may have been itching for a fresh blank page in their collectibles book.

If you were getting too familiar with the current set of tracks, four new Cups have been added for even more environmental variety. The treacherously icy Winter Cup is available to players at Gold I rank or above and presents a number of wintry challenges like partially frozen lakes with wobbly ice floe bridges and snowmen built in the middle of the road which can slow and even topple speeding cars. Higher level Cups It’s Mine!, Tunnels, and More Mines unlock at ranks Platinum II, Platinum III, and Diamond II respectively and introduce Hill Climb Racing 2’s first fully interior, underground stages. Low-hanging ceilings, jutting rocks, and abandoned mine carts make these stages especially challenging even for experienced players, hence the high rank requirements to even access them.


Although the X-mas Cup is (not surprisingly) no more, Bronze III players and above can still enjoy that set of tracks in the First Snow Cup. The now-permanent stages are exactly the same as they were during the holiday event, except Santa and his extremely valuable chests will no longer be making appearances.

With all these new roads to race on, players need new wheels as well, and Fingersoft has delivered: the seventh and latest vehicle added to the garage roster is the Super Diesel Truck. This heavy duty multi-purpose machine is slightly smaller than the Monster Truck but features an enclosed cab for added head protection. It can be purchased once you reach rank Gold III for a whopping 99,999 coins—the most expensive vehicle yet—so start saving now.


Finally, a few new outfits have also been added to the list of unlockables, bringing the total number of customizations you can discover in-game from 178 to 198. As always, you can check your collection status by tapping the player icon in the upper-left corner of the selection screen, which shows all kinds of other fun details like your total distance traveled and vehicle-specific stats.

Since Hill Climb Racing 2 has already surpassed 40 million downloads since its worldwide launch in early December, we anticipate Fingersoft will keep the additional content coming and the fans busy for a long while to come. Stay tuned to Gamezebo for any future Hill Climb Racing 2 news or updates.

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