Hex Crush! Is an Endless Puzzler with a Fresh Angle

By Lian Amaris |

I am endlessly impressed with simple games that utilize interesting geometries to create an elegant, appealing experience. In Hex Crush! you must fill a hexagonal board with modular hexagonal tiles in varying arrangements. Add as many tiles as you can to the board without running out of placement options. Complete a line of tiles across the board in any direction and that line will disappear, making room to add more tiles. At any given time you have three shapes you can place on the board and as you use one, another will appear.

In much the style of Tetris, you have one board and a handful of specific shapes that are provided in a specific order. Unlike Tetris, however, you aren’t racing against time or gravity. Hex Crush is a high score puzzler without any of the stress that high score chasers often have. Rather than reflexes determining your score, instead you must thoughtfully utilize space. Think of it as a hexagonal twist on 1010.

Hex Crush!

The experience of endlessly filling and emptying one simple board with a small handful of shapes is surprisingly both satisfying and relaxing. You can leave and come back to your board as often as you want which makes it particularly great for busy people who can’t commit to long gameplay sessions but also like to see their progress accumulate over time.

Hex Crush is free to play with totally unobtrusive ads, unlimited lives and no wait timers. There will come a point in the game when the three shapes provided will not fit anywhere on your board and the game will unceremoniously end. I could imagine a popular in-app purchase might be getting three new shapes once you run out of usable ones to continue on your current board; in the meantime you can continue from your current score by watching ads. Be aware, though, that this will wipe your board entirely, eliminating the sense of progression. But, then again, part of the magic of Hex Crush is the simple appeal of a clean slate and all the time in the world.

Hex Crush is available as a free download on the App Store.

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