Happy Convergence Day, Star Trek Timelines Turns One

Thank goodness for anniversary events, because otherwise humble games journos like yours truly would have a hard time keeping track of how old certain games are. For instance, Star Trek Timelines has been out for a while, but you might not guess it’s coming up on its one-year anniversary.

Time flies when you’re traveling at warp speed, but Timelines is indeed a year old and is celebrating in definitive Trek style. The Convergence Day Galaxy Event is underway all weekend long (and until January 17), bringing with it two new crew members: a new version of Quark, the Ferengi who came up with Convergence Day in the first place, and C.O.P. Founder Picard, a character voted on by the game’s community.

A full list of rewards can be found in the Timelines forum, but one thing all players will appreciate is five additional crew slots. Even gamers who have been away for a while and return to the fray will receive them.

Star Trek Timelines

Disruptor Beam is also preparing to take the wraps off The Gauntlet, a new PvP mode. Here’s what the press release says we can expect:

[quote]While open to all players, The Gauntlet will especially challenge experienced Captains to make the most out of their crew’s abilities while competing against other experienced leaders. After assembling a team of five crackerjack crew, Captains will be able to face off against the chosen teams of up to 200 other Captains. Each Gauntlet contest will feature a different skill, so every entry will be different.[/quote]

While The Gauntlet should arrive “in the coming weeks,” we’re going to be celebrating a holiday we never knew existed. And might not exist, depending on how history has been rewritten since. Time is fun! Get in on some of it yourself by downloading Star Trek Timelines for free from the App Store or Google Play today.

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