Go Full Tilt In ‘Level With Me’

By Lian Amaris |

Level With Me is the newest game from indie studio Unept, which brought us the beautifully enjoyable Hue Ball last year. In this clever high score chaser, you must move a see-saw up and down by shooting bubbles at it to shift its balance. In a test of reflexes and foresight, tap madly to quickly adjust the level and accomplish odd little goals such as building a burger, popping a balloon with a roly poly hedgehog, or surviving a bomb drop. Once you clear the level, you’ll quickly be presented with a new little scenario to master. It’s fast-paced, challenging, and charming.


Similar to Hue Ball, Unept once again shows a thoughtful, meticulous attention to detail in something that appears to be simple on the surface. The pixel art is adorable, and surprisingly expressive. The tasks are creative and quirky, offering little surprises as you progress.

Each falling or moving item has its own weight, velocity and inertia, clearly distinguishable from all of the other items you’ll encounter. As you move the board, you can almost feel the difference between the bounciness of the beach ball versus the heaviness of the bowling ball. Crates flip over one another in a way that feels like their cargo is shifting weight inside. A sliding sled somehow moves differently than a sliding burger.

The only real downside of Level With Me is that once you’ve reached the goal for a particular level, you’ll be quickly pushed into the next one without being allowed to linger. Of course this keeps the pace exciting, but because the physics are so different for each level, it would be great to be able to keep going with one for a little longer. You’ll have a chance to try it out again, but you’ll always be limited by the minimum you need to get rather than the maximum you could possibly get. I’d love to see a survival mode available for any level you unlock where you can just play that one level for as long as you can possibly survive. Let’s make some super tall burgers!

Level With Me is a fresh, cheery, and—forgive me—well-balanced contribution to tappy high score chasers. You can get it now, free on iOS.

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