Galaga Wars Adds Pac-Man, Because Why Not?

They might not go together as naturally as chocolate and peanut butter or diamonds and pearls (R.I.P. Prince), but Galaga and Pac-Man are both arcade classics from the same epoch of video game history. Bandai Namco and Paladin Studios are ready to pair them together in Galaga Wars, but maybe not in a way you’d immediately expect.

In the game’s latest update, you can unlock a Pac-Man that’s ready to do some blasting instead of eating. That’s because it’s a Pac-Man ship, perfect for dealing with the space anomaly that has created a maze-cube and is churning out ghosts. Convenient, eh?

To unlock the Pac-Man ship, your first task is to hunt down and destroy something called the Maple enemy. Doing so provides Credits, which in turn can get Pac-Man in your Hangar. And then, well, a video game combination your 6-year old self probably never even conceived.

Galaga Wars

Conveniently, the Hangar has also been upgraded, making it easier to browse and select your favorite ships. Expect more streamlined navigation and general improvements in this update as well.

This might be a good time to remind you that Galaga Wars was a pretty big blast from the past even before it welcomed the yellow guy. For proof, simply blast into the App Store or Google Play and download it for free right now.

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