Fury Roads Survivor Is a Free-to-Play Mad Max Homage


We’ve all dreamed of tearing up the desert in a souped up tank, blasting bandits and collecting oil as we go, right? Maybe it’s just me, but Fury Roads Survivor is the perfect game if you’re the same.

You take control of a four-wheeled death machine with the aim of staying alive for as long as possible in a hostile wasteland. There are cars trying to smash you to bits, and plenty of rocks and buildings for you to drive into.

Tapping the left of the screen turns you left and tapping the right moves you right. Your gun fires automatically, targeting whatever is nearest you.


There’s a Crossy Road-style upgrade system too. Every 100 units of oil you collect you can get something new – either a gun to equip on your car, or an entirely new vehicle.

There are loads to collect, and different levels of loot from common to mysterious. Wrap it all up in a lovely, gritty pixel aesthetic and you’re left with a lovely little distraction.

It might not quite have the staying power of other games in the same genre, but the dirtier graphics and focus on combat make it stand out all the same.

You can grab Fury Roads Survivor right now from the App Store and Google Play for the grand old price of nothing at all. And we reckon it’s definitely worth a look.

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