Forget Swing Copters, Go Play Ninja Ninja Ninja

Love it or hate it, the internet is abuzz today about the latest creation from Dong Nguyen. But while Swing Copters might feel like a sideways version of his first smash hit, Flappy Bird, the latest game from Retro Dreamer manages to capture that same sense of impossible challenge and feel fresh.

Ninja Ninja Ninja (don’t say it out loud – it’s like Beetlejuice) has players attempting to manage the jumps of three separate ninjas at the same time. Each ninja keeps running forward, and you’ll need to time the taps of three different fingers perfectly to keep them from crashing into a box. When one of them does, it’s game over.


Three is the default number, but you can adjust it so that you’ll have to control anywhere from a timid two to a ferocious five. No matter where I set it, though, my score never managed to break 40.

Like Flappy Bird, I suck at Ninja Ninja Ninja.

I might be terrible, but I’m still having a great time. My high score right now is a paltry 20. Can you beat it? (I’m going to bet you can, and easily).

You can download Ninja Ninja Ninja for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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