Finger Band’s Latest Update is Music to Our Ears

Listen up aspiring iOS drummers! You’re going to want to set aside a couple hours, because there’s a huge new update for Finger Band and you won’t want to want to miss out. sherpa reynolds have really pulled out all the stops for Finger Band version 1.2.

With five stages of thumb tapping fun, tons of new content, and major enhancements leading to a smoother gameplay experience, it almost feels like a new Finger Band altogether. If you gave up on Finger Band shortly after its release, it’s a good time to revisit the game, while if you’ve not tried it before the launch of version 1.2 is the perfect time to dive right in.

What Finger Band lacks in cerebral challenge, it more than makes up for in charm. Its basic formula is call and response – think back to your kindergarten music lessons. It’ll play a beat and your task is to replicate it with the unusual assortment of ‘instruments’ (and the word is used here very loosely) laid out before you. Bang a cricket bat or twang an umbrella to make sounds that don’t quite add up to music, but are certainly interesting.

Finger Band Gameplay

The game’s cheerful two-dimensional graphical style will appeal to players of all ages, which is a good thing because it’s the perfect way for grandparents and grandchildren to test each other’s memories. You’d think it’d be ridiculously easy to remember a series of four to six beats, but it can be a lot tougher than it looks, especially when you’re racing against the clock.

Players with older devices will appreciate the care taken to make sure that the game, even with all the updates, runs consistently well across iOS devices. As every week increasing numbers of new games are beyond reach for those with slightly older devices, it’s nice to be deliberately included.

Finger Band Menu

Looking for a chance to compare and contrast? You can pick up Finger Band on the App Store now, complete with the v1.2 update.

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