Far Cry 4’s Companion App is a Standalone Game (Also, There’s Poker)

Are we only on the fourth Far Cry game? With all the fuss and carrying on we’ve been hearing about the franchise lately, with multiple versions of the console-based FPS and its DLC bouncing about the place, you’d be forgiven for thinking it ought to be Far Cry 9 we’re talking about. And just to add to the confusion, a couple of official Far Cry 4 apps for iOS and Android have now been added to the mix.

Direct from Ubisoft comes the obligatory, official iOS and Android app of the game, Far Cry 4 Arena Master. It takes the arena tournaments from within the game and spins it out into a coliseum-style deathmatch management title you can play on the go. The combative concoctions you make can be shared with friends, and globally with the Far Cry 4 crowd.

It hooks into the console (and PC) version, allowing you to put any mercenaries or wild animals you unlock within the mobile game into play when you return to customized quests on the big screen version. It’s kind of how we imagine Pokemon would be if Eli Roth had invented it.

Accompanying Arena Master onto the App Store and Google Play is a very different way to give the otherwise sadistic FPS a mobile punt; Far Cry 4 Arcade Poker. As a mobile game, this is actually a very decent freebie that blends together games like poker (natch), Tetris and Yahtzee into an effective puzzle game with a bit of edge to it.

As the cards fall from the top of the screen your task is to rearrange them into poker hands before they reach the bottom. In an effort to link it to its console-based big brother, any coinage you bag while playing Arcade Poker is added to your pocket within the FPS.

Both of these official companion apps are standalone games, which is a nice twist on the usual thinly-veiled mobile marketing tactic, and the quality is high enough to make them desirable in their own right. So hats off to Ubisoft in adding yet more fuel to the Far Cry 4 fire without it all becoming so much mobile white noise.

Far Cry 4 Arena Master and Far Cry 4 Arcade Poker are both up for grabs right now over on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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