Fallout Shelter Update Adds Pets, Eviction, and Holiday Cheer

We’ve been receiving near-monthly updates to Fallout Shelter since its release back in June, and this latest batch addresses some complaints that have existed from the beginning. Namely, getting rid of unwanted dwellers and equipment more easily while replacing them with adorable animals.


Previously, to permanently remove a dweller from your vault, you had to kill them off and then opt out of reviving them. This was usually a slow process of sending them out into the Wastes without supplies and waiting for them to run out of health, which meant one less usable scavenger spot until they kicked the bucket. With this update, dragging a dweller outside the vault door gives you the standard option of sending them exploring alongside a new eviction button. So long, everyone who’s not Lucas Simms: time to build my vault of evil Simms clones and watch the madness unfold.

In addition to ditching dwellers more easily, equipment can now be sold off in batches upon a scavenger’s return or directly from your storage menu. This sounds like a small change, but to players who’ve been tapping the “sell” button hundreds of times per game, it’s a huge victory. I just sold off 20 BB guns and it only took two taps. Looks like we’re evicting finger blisters, as well.


Since you have all this extra space where dwellers and equipment once resided, why not fill it with some animals? The big content addition this time around is pets, which act as a third equipment slot for your dwellers. Pets, like Mister Handy, can be purchased separately via “pet carriers,” and overseers will receive one free carrier after updating.

Each type of pet awards a bonus to the dweller they are assigned to; the husky we unlocked reduces Wasteland exploration return time by half. Although the bonus is a nice touch, we’re more excited that the pets appear in-game and walk around next to their dweller, giving them some company on the long road outside the vault or acting as adorable guards at the door.


Finally, since this is the December update, vaults have also received a few holiday touches. Some barracks will be decked out in Christmas gear, with Santa suits hanging in the closet and Rudolf playing on the overhead monitor. Outside the vault, snow covers the ground and the barren trees hold a few colorful lights. This makes raider attacks just seem like poorly dressed caroling attempts which is greeted with a Gatling laser, like you would any group of carolers.

The Fa-la-la-lallout Shelter update is available to download now on all platforms.

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