Fallout Shelter Update 1.9 Goes Spelunking

If you’ve stuck with Fallout Shelter since the beginning, you’ve overcome many hurdles in your path to a happy Vault life. But even you may not be ready for the horrors that lurk in … The Cave!

Nah, I’m playing. I’m sure your Dwellers are going to love to be sent to the Cave, a brand new location for quests in Fallout Shelter Update 1.9, which is now live. Marvel at the ruins of a once-proud society and Vaults that weren’t quite as fortunate to have an Overseer like you.


With Thanksgiving almost upon us, the update also features special Holiday Quests in addition to new daily and weekly missions. Plus your Dwellers are almost guaranteed to love the themed room visuals and Thanksgiving outfits they will find for a limited time. In lunchboxes, naturally. December will bring more holiday-flavored goodness as well.

Last but not least, you can now use iMessage stickers based on Fallout 4’s very own Bottle and Cappy, plus Thanksgiving stickers in keeping with the overall theme. Because nothing says a time to be thankful than huddling in your Vault and praying the raiders don’t try attacking while you’re carving the turkey, or whatever meal you can find.

fallout shelter 1.9

It seems pretty unlikely that you have not heard about or tried Fallout Shelter at this point, but just in case, you can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play now to ensure your post-apocalyptic holiday preparations are ready.

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