Fallout Shelter Celebrates 100 Million Players with 5 Days of In-Game Rewards

Just over two years ago, Bethesda surprised gamers worldwide by launching Fallout Shelter live during their showcase event at E3 2015. The mini survival sim rocketed up the charts and hit #1 in less than a day, despite being completely off the radar prior to the actual release. After heading to Android and finally PC, the number of digital Overseers only continued to grow, and Bethesda announced this week that their handheld apocalypse has surpassed 100 million total users.

While the Bethesda and Fallout pedigrees certainly helped get most players’ feet in the heavily armed door, Fallout Shelter maintained its fan base with consistently engaging expansion gameplay and an extremely generous number of content updates over the past two years.

Although you could step away from your Vault and return to resources ready to collect, there was plenty to do and manage while playing as well, allowing Overseers to handle their population as they saw fit: leave them to their assignments, micro-manage every aspect of their lives, or something in between. The addition of outside-the-Vault Quests further enhanced time spent in-game and gave players another reason to beef up their arsenal and train their dwellers.


In celebration of the 100 million player milestone, Bethesda is showering players with five days of in-game gifts that should help you tackle those Quests and keep the invading Deathclaws at bay. Starting today, merely opening the game and entering one of your Vaults will award you a pop-up with a free gift. You only get one reward per game, but if you enter a Vault you don’t want to receive the reward, you can choose to delay it until you load the correct one.

Today’s gift contains three lunchboxes, each of which offers the usual assortment of five random cards. Logging in every day over the next four days will award you another daily prize, which Bethesda has noted will contain Nuka-Cola Quantum and “special items to help survive the Wasteland.” We have our fingers crossed for pet carriers, as there’s a distinct lack of kittens in our post-apocalyptic home.

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