Easy Joe World Is a Hidden Gem You Need to Play

With hundreds (if not thousands) of new games hitting the App Store every week, it’s all too easy for great games to slip through the cracks. Easy Joe World is one such game. It launched in early May and flew completely under the radar — but there’s no way it should have. It’s charming, it’s clever — Easy Joe World is everything we love about little mobile games.

Joe (is it Easy Joe?) is a little green rabbit who needs your help to travel through a series of stages. Each stage is a tiny puzzle that you’ll solve fairly quickly by poking and prodding the screen. By using just two different colors (purple and green), it becomes fairly easy to highlight what you can interact with. The puzzles aren’t terribly different, which keeps things moving at a fairly quick pace.

easy joe world

And that’s great, because each new stage usually gives you a new reason to smile. Whether it’s a nurse with a giant needle trying to give you a little tickle or a hot dog that loves TV, every moment I’ve experience in Easy Joe World made me eager to see the next.

File this one under hidden gem. If you enjoy little puzzles, or just want a game over-spilling with charm, you owe it to yourself to give Easy Joe World a try.

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