Dragons: Rise of Berk Gets Combat in New Update

In the latest update to Dragons: Rise of Berk, the companion game to the How To Train Your Dragon film franchise, players will now be able to partake in combat.

With raiders encroaching on player’s islands, it is time to rally the dragons and take the fight to the enemies. Using dragons, flares, and catapults, players will need to fend off the invaders for any hope of success.

Dragons: Rise of Berk originally released over the summer, to coincide with the release of the second film in the franchise. Back then, the game simply had players traveling throughout the world, collecting and raising dragons, as well as managing their own simulated island of Berk. We reviewed the game back in June and quite liked it. The visuals translated very well from the movies to the game, managing to retain the charm of the films.

Loyal players will undoubtedly have collected quite an impressive array of dragons at this point, and are more than ready to battle the enemy invaders, set on conquering the island of Berk.

Dragons Rise of Berk Combat

The game has also seen a winter update, which coats the island of Berk in snow and the introduction of eight new dragon species (Thunderpede, Grapple Grounder, Sliquifier, Woolly Howl, Submaripper, Serratooth, Groncicle and Sword Stealer, for those of you keeping track) for players to track down, collect, raise, and prepare for the battle now at their doorsteps.

The update is now available on Android and iOS devices.

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