Doodle Jump Toys Are A Thing, And They’re Cute

Today, Lima Sky, the studio behind the hit mobile game Doodle Jump, revealed that they have partnered with ToysRUs and Goldie Marketing to release the first set in a series of Doodle Jump toys.

“ToysRUs is a natural fit for Doodle the Doodler,” said Lima Sky Chief Licensing Officer Eric Karp in the press release accompanying the announcement. “We’re throwing the full force of the millions of daily users who play Doodle Jump behind this exclusive partnership.”

The toys themselves will come in three types: small Minidoodles, 5-inch Megadoodles, and 8-inch plush toys.


The Minidoodles will come in packaged in starter kits of six ($14.99), and double packs featuring a blind selection ($5.99). Eighteen variations of the Minidoodles will be available for fans to collect, while the Megadoodles ($12.99 each) and the plush toys ($9.99 each) will come in six different designs.

Plans are already underway for a second series of Doodle Jump toys which will be shown off at the upcoming Dallas Fall Toy Preview as well as the Hong Kong Mega Show.

Doodle Jump series 1 toys are available now on the ToysRUs website.

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