Ditto Ready to Surprise, Possibly Dismay Pokemon GO Players

You know what would be fun? Playing Pokemon GO, thinking you caught a rare Pokemon that you’ve been searching for and then realizing, oops, no, it’s something else.

That might sound horrible, but it’s actually all good since the source of the deception is Ditto, a Pokemon many fans have been waiting for in Pokemon GO. Now that it’s here, Ditto is bringing its trademark shape-shifting ability to the game. Since it doesn’t reveal its true form until after he’s captured, it means if you’re lucky, that 737th Pidgey you captured could turn out to be a Ditto instead.

Pokemon GO Ditto

This comes on the heels of this week’s earlier update that adjusted the Combat Power of quite a few Pokemon. Niantic also revealed on its blog that the Nearby and Sightings features have been updated and can now be tested in some regions. West coast and Australia, consider yourselves lucky.

All of these developments are very welcome considering how much Pokemon GO has been crying out for more content and additions to keep players invested and possibly lure back some of the masses who were in love with the game this summer. With the winter coming up, it’ll be interesting to see how many people are willing to brave the cold to catch ’em all.

Just be warned that Ditto might be taking the place of some of your targets.

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