Defeat the Evil Knight Sam and His Human Army in Monster Castle

Monster Castle is a mobile tower defence game in which you have to defeat the evil human knight, Sam, who has imprisoned a bunch of poor monsters.

The monsters rise up and escape though, and that’s your cue to rally them in defence of your castle, which is under threat of invasion by Sam’s revolting human army.

As a tower defence, you can expect to equip your castle with defensive weaponry like flamethrowers, cannons, and crossbows, as well as useful resource-producing buildings like the hero throne or the wine barrel.


Just make sure they’re well protected, as they’ll be no use to you when destroyed.

To help you in this endeavour, you can recruit an army of heroic monsters like goblins and witches, who will help out in defence. You can also increase their power by evolving them and making them learn useful skills.

There’s a ton of content in the single player PvE alone, including a map full of increasingly challenging levels.

Then there’s the two multiplayer modes. Global multiplayer allows you to face off against an enemy player’s castle, earning extra rewards and resources if you destroy it, and monster clan wars,is co-operative and lets you forge an alliance with fellow players.

Head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] to check out Monster Castle right now. The game has been featured by both platforms in North America and Europe.

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