DC Comics Invades Puzzle & Dragons Next Week

Heroes and dragons go together like dungeons and mold, so the DC heroes’ invasion of the puzzle / action hit Puzzle & Dragons is certainly cause for celebration.

Starting November 10, and through November 23, DC’s classic roster of comic heroes and villains will make a home in GungHo’s phenomenally popular game. Representing the side of justice are heroes including Superman, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman, while over at Camp Bad you can expect to see villains like Doomsday, Darkseid, and Harley Quinn.


The villains will camp out in their very own special dungeon. Players can attempt to staunch the tide of evil by winning superheroes through the in-game egg machine. Remember: Great heroes aren’t born. They’re hatched.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the DC Universe in Puzzle & Dragons – 2013 saw an Arkham Origins promotion – but this is the first to happen beyond the confines of the Bat-Family. Superman et al muscle their way into the dragons’ lair next week.

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