Crash of Car’s Latest Update Adds Water Park Map, Fidget Spinner Vehicle

Developer Not Doppler is spoiling us: Crash of Cars is only two months old, yet it’s just received its third major content update. Last month gave us the Jungle map with destructible bridges that offer getaway routes to cars being tailed, ten new vehicles, and a host of small but extremely positive gameplay tweaks, including a map selection option and brief invincibility when spawning. Earlier that same month, we had already received the Fortune Harbour map and much-needed nerf to the Flamethrower—but fire fans gained the flame-spewing Dragon car as a bit of a consolation. This week, we’ve received another new map, eleven additional cars—bringing the total up to 59—and even more tweaks that are slowly perfecting an already fantastic game.


The newest map—bringing the total up to seven—is Water Park, a sprawling summertime resort made up of swimming pools, water slides, and endlessly spraying sprinklers. There’s a lot going on on Water Park: a mountain of colorful slides forms a huge, hilly ramp on the western side of the map; multiple twisty tube tunnels jut off from the edges of the screen, providing teleportation to different areas; numerous pools are scattered about, creating elevation variations that act like mini-craters cars can get trapped in; and there’s even a random, board-able pirate ship in the southeastern corner. Sprinklers can be found all over—especially near the pools—and anyone using a Flamethrower under one will immediately be doused. This is a huge help against what is still, arguably, the strongest weapon in the game, and it shifts the game’s balance in an interesting way.

The newly added vehicles also embrace the summery theme and include the Sand Buggy, Surfer, and Convertible, as well as a number of secret cars whose unlocking conditions are currently unknown. The Golf Cart and Monster Truck that were previously early access purchases are now available in the prize machines, and two new cars have taken their place as direct-buys only: the Rare Spinner and Legendary Submarine. The Submarine will set you back 250 gems but has the ability to teleport between water-filled sections of each map, while the Spinner only costs 50 gems and, well, “spins when you get crowns.” I guess we shouldn’t expect world-conquering skills from a fidget spinner vehicle, but we’ll probably stick with our new Donut car for now.


Finally, as with previous updates, a few gameplay changes have also been implemented. The bug that would sometimes turn players invincible has reportedly been fixed, so no more 100+ crown cars with full armor running amok. Not Doppler has also made a change to the Teleport item that was high on our wish list: you’ll no longer take damage when entering the Teleport animation. Previously, hitting the button to use Teleport would place you in a state where you could not move but other players could still hit you, making it an extremely risky and vulnerable item. It feels much more usable now, especially as a defensive tool to escape immediate threats. And, of course, since new cars have been introduced, the Prestige level has been increased to 28 and new pPrestige vehicles and upgrades have been added.

The Crash of Cars update with the new Water Park map, eleven more vehicles, and lots of under the hood changes is out now on iOS and Android. Let us know in the comments if you’ve discovered any of the hidden vehicles and what you think of the new map!

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