Close Your Eyes and Fight in ‘A Blind Legend’

A Blind Legend from DOWiNO is a new action-adventure game that uses only sound to guide players through the experience. The story takes place in the “Age of Chivalry” and features a rich soundtrack of fighting knights, galloping horses, cursing Englishmen and busy townsfolk. You take the role of Lord Blake, a blind swordsman who must rescue his kidnapped wife with the help of his sighted daughter leading him through the countryside. By tapping and swiping on your device, you will fight treacherous enemies and dangerous beasts, along with navigating a perilous environment on your heroic journey.

The game is aimed at visually impaired players along with players seeking a sensory experience that focuses on sound, navigation, and reflexes. The binaural soundtrack creates a three-dimensional soundscape that is effectively immersive. If you have trouble orienting yourself within the environment, summon your daughter Louise with a tap and she will assist you. Follow her voice and she’ll help guide you in the direction you’ll need to go to make progress.

Be ready to commit some time to the experience because progress can be slow depending on how attuned you are to the space around you; you’ll also face some frequent loading delays. Closing your eyes will certainly improve the gameplay experience and make it a lot easier to focus on the impressive aural details around you. The game is free to try, but if you die five times, you’ll need to wait or pay for another life. So sharpen your hearing and your blade then take a blind swing at this epic narrative adventure.

A Blind Legend is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

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