Chupa Chups Made a Goofy Horror Game…on Instagram?!

Chupa Chups, the lollipop company, has an interesting little experiment going on right now on Instagram. They’ve created a comedic horror game that is stitched together through Instagram native features, including the gallery display and photo tags, in order to create an interactive experience on a platform that’s not really about gaming at all.

Go to @getlolli on your platform’s Instagram app, and you’ll be presented with a bunch of different images on the thumbnail view for the profile.


Certain pictures have tags, which allow you to progress further as it takes you to other parts of the mansion, located in other user profiles created for the game. There are also videos, which usually mean your grisly demise, as you are a finger trying to rescue your lovely lady lollipop from a haunted mansion. It’s all a goofy experience, and the rules of what’s safe and what’s eventually dangerous become swiftly apparent.

It’s more of an interesting novelty than anything else, but it’s a clever way to use a platform in a way well beyond what it was intended to be used for. So go ahead and check it out, because it’s pretty nifty, and entertaining. Just search for “getlolli” in an Instagram mobile app to get started. Sadly, it doesn’t quite work on the web due to the way that the app displays thumbnails compared to the web view.

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