Chrome Death Features More Death than Chrome (and That’s Okay)

By Rob Rich |

Newmark Software’s Chrome Death is kind of like someone 80’s-ified a super tough one-tap mobile game. Granted I’m probably a little biased, what with being a child of the 80s and all, but I’m okay with that combination of things.

It could probably use a little more chrome, though.

Chrome Death revolves around escaping your pursuers by weaving and dodging through the narrow streets of a vaguely cyberpunk-ish city. Each successful turn causes the car to go faster, giving you smaller margins for error the longer you manage to hold out. Screw up once and you’re done. No pressure.


Chrome Death pretty much nails the one-touch/arcadey/difficult thing that’s become fairly common these days. You simply tap left or right to turn left or right, and “perfect” timing rewards you with a combo multiplier. Tap too soon and you’ll likely still make the turn, but it’ll reset your combo. Tap too late and you’re scrap.

There’s a bit more to Chrome Death than just chasing after high scores, thankfully, though that’s still a big part of it. You can also earn credits with each attempt, which can then be turned in to unlock new vehicles. On top of that, there are daily challenges to complete for bonuses along with the ever-present draw of just wanting to pass the next top score – then wanting to best the next one, and the next one, etc.

Chrome Death is yet another simple mobile arcade game, but it’s pretty entertaining for what it is, and will probably give you a decent incentive to keep playing long after you’ve gotten the hang of drifting through its neon intersections. Especially if you’ve got a soft sport for 80s-style “futuristic” stuff.

Chrome Death is available as a free download on the App Store.

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