Catch A Quick Wave With Surfingers

I’m a sucker for an addictive high-score chaser. Though I gravitate toward the geometric or artsy types, I have to confess that I was drawn to the bouffant-sporting surfer featured in Surfingers. In a thematic departure from Digital Melody’s previous surprise hit Timberman, Surfingers lets you hang ten in some sick swells.


As with most of these endless reaction-based games, you must be quick to respond to your changing environment. For those tired of tapping their way to a higher score, Surfingers features swiping up and down to control the height of your wave and align with incoming crests for a smooth ride.

Surf along choppy waters, snowy hillsides, and sandy deserts all while grooving to some Tarantino-esque surfer tunes.  Collect stars as you progress and you can unlock over 20 cute and campy characters beyond your initial mustachioed charmer. There are a lot of fun details of quirky things hiding in the water, but sadly the speedy pace made it difficult to truly appreciate them all.

As always with this type of game, you’ll have a lot of cheap deaths but you will increase your skills pretty quickly. The terrain is different with each replay so you won’t be able to rely on your memory of the course, but your timing will definitely improve with just a few runs.

With a fun soundtrack, charming characters, smooth gameplay, and an addictive mechanic, Surfingers is surprisingly delightful. If you’re looking for your next quick twitchy addiction, Surfingers is free to play on iOS and Android.

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