Buy Electronic Super Joy: Groove City on iOS, Get a Steam Key?!

Well this is a nice surprise! Last week, Electronic Super Joy: Groove City wound up sneaking out on to the App Store after the usual crop of releases. This is a challenging platformer where the goal is to try and make it to the ends of levels, collecting stars, finding secret paths, all while avoiding obstacles and making the way to the end. It’s a highly-replayable trial platformer – and it’s a game made for PC; land of keyboards and gamepads, brought to iOS.

That’s odd… but not as odd as the game’s sexualized plotline involving a giant robot stripper. Granted, the game actually works out prety well because there’s just left/right movement and jumping to worry about, but still – this is a challenging reflex game that has been adapted to touchscreens. (Sadly, there’s no MFi gamepad support.)

Electronic Super Joy Groove City AnnounceWhat’s really interesting though is that buying Electronic Super Joy: Groove City on iOS will give you a Steam key for the PC version. Just go to the settings, input your email, and a key will be sent to your inbox. The game is the same price on iOS as it is on Steam, $4.99, so this might be the version to get as you can have it on the go and at home.

It’s a unique strategy, and with the mobile release coming after the Steam release, the lucrative PC launch isn’t being affected. Developers, this is something I’d love to see happen more often. In particular, I’d love to get the PC version of The Banner Saga along with the iPad version. Come on, Stoic… be a pal!

You can download Electronic Super Joy: Groove City from the App Store for $4.99.

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