Brush Master Lets You Paint it Black (and Red and Blue and Yellow)

Brush Master from Inter-Illusion is a game about making the biggest mess possible within sixty seconds. Incidentally, this is a skill that fades from our person around the time we exit kindergarten, and it’s a skill we should all re-discover.

Brush Master doesn’t encourage aimless mess-making, however. This is competitive mess making, son.


You pilot a paint roller that carries within it an endless supply of paint. You roll across a page, smearing your crimson mark wherever you go. Your aim is to cover up the colorful spoor of the other rollers occupying your territory. Blue, yellow, purple – it’s all gotta go When the ticker expires, the painter with the most coverage on the page is declared the winner.

Brush Master is a snap to pick up, and muscling competitors out of your “yard” via non-violent (but totally effective) methods is a lot of gratifying fun. The game’s multiplayer options are slightly anemic, however: Up to four players can share one device, and there are scoring tournaments, but no option to go head-to-head with strangers.

Don’t let that stop you from slinging paint everywhere, though. Don’t let anything stop you from slinging paint everywhere. If you’re ready to get messy, Brush Master is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

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