Blood Collector is Like Lemmings in Reverse

Here are three unappetizing words: Ground zombie meat. What would it taste like? Should it be boiled, baked, or fried? Is eating the undead even advisable?

You’ll have plenty of time to ponder those questions while you play Blood Collector, a Lemmings-style puzzle game from Cistern Cats. However, whereas Lemmings tasks you with keeping the copycat rodents safe, Blood Collector requires you to herd your zombie friends into a spinning blade that turns them into mulch and collects their blood.

Blood is the key to success in Blood Collector, hence the game’s title. What’s the ichor used for? It’s unclear. Maybe it’s the key ingredient in one of those new-fangled energy drinks (though it stands to reason eating or drinking any kind of zombie by-product would make you dull and slow).

Unsurprisingly, guiding your zombie friends into the spinning maw of Bladetown isn’t as easy as it sounds. Like their lemming cousins, zombies are stupid. They’re content to walk in a straight line directly to their destruction, so you must interact with the zombies and their environment to help them avoid traps and pitfalls. Zombies must die, of course, but strictly on your terms.

If you’re a fan of action puzzle games, Blood Collector offers the intellectual fun of Lemmings combined with the unique satisfaction of grinding zombies into smoothies. You can grab it on Google Play.

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