Bitgram Is The Mellow Tetris-y Puzzler You Need

By Lian Amaris |

Bitgram is the newest puzzler from 1Button offering a meditative gameplay experience using positive and negative space. The premise is much simpler than some of their previous games such as Triologic or Super Sharp but still has the restrained finesse we’ve come to expect from 1Button.


The board is made up of two colors and you’re presented with shapes in those two colors that must fit on the board; the challenge is that pieces can only be placed on top of the opposing color. The goal is to see how many shapes you can place on the board, filling it up with the two colors in new arrangements as you add pieces. The shapes of the pieces and how they need to fit certainly nod to Tetris, though the mechanics are a bit different.

The game is technically a high-score chaser where the only motivation to keep playing is to place more pieces than the last time you played. However, unlike the manic fast pace of most games with that motivation, Bitgram is relaxing and contemplative and doesn’t gnaw at you with an addicting pull. It doesn’t need the added pressure of a timer or energy system to keep you playing; you’ll go back and play more because it is enjoyable. The concept and the pacing reminded me a lot of Voi from Gamebrain which operates on a similar premise of building upon positive and negative space.

The game is free to play, with non-intrusive footer ads, and a longer video ad that plays if you lose. It is absolutely worth the free download for anyone who enjoys a mellow perceptual puzzle game they can play at their own pace.

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