After the Success of Heads Up!, Ellen Releases Psych!

Talk show hostess Ellen DeGeneres launched a party game in 2013 called Heads Up!. This take on Charades is actually pretty fun, and has remained consistently popular since its launch. It even receives regular thematic updates.

Unsurprisingly, Ellen has decided to expand her party game repertoire. Here comes Psych!, a free-to-play title that plays a great deal like Balderdash.

And, like Balderdash, you can’t play Psych! alone. You need friends. You do have friends, right?

Once you’ve gathered other players (or hired some), you all submit your own answers to some abstract piece of trivia. For instance, “What do you call a group of owls?” Players can offer an answer meant to trip up everyone else (“A flight of owls” sound official, but is it correct?), or they can just have fun with the whole process and put down something stupid to make everyone laugh (“A glam band of owls”).

The real answer is mixed up in the stew of silliness, and whomever picks that answer is awarded two points. But if someone picks your answer, you get a point.

Obviously, anyone playing Psych! to win must think up some authoritative answers to weird questions. But who plays Balderdash to win? The point is to laugh and maybe get a bit inebriated in the process. Presumably Psych! runs on the same philosophy.

Either way, Psych! is definitely worth a download and a play if you and your friends have squeezed everything they can out of Heads Up!. Download it from the App Store or Google Play.

(By the way: It’s “A parliament of owls.”)

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