A Princess Bride Game is Available for iOS (but You Can’t Match Wits with a Sicilian)

By Nadia Oxford |

A game based on the much-loved movie and book The Princess Bride is now available on iOS. Inconceivab – no wait, actually it’s totally conceivable. A better question is, given the property’s enduring popularity, why hasn’t The Princess Bride seen a game released every year since the movie premiered in 1987?

Whatever the reason, Gameblend Studios’ The Princess Bride – The Official Game can be yours for $3.99 (or slightly more if you live in Canada or Europe). The app features four mini-games based around tapping and swiping, including a sword duel with Inigo Montoya and a wrestling match with a certain late great giant.

An upcoming update will add a dash through the Fire Swamp (and hopefully a boxing match with an ROUS).

Give it a try, and remember: Though the industry’s landscape may be a hostile, volatile place these days, never forget gaming is what brings us together today. That dream within a dream.

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