More Oniverse Mobile Games, Please!

Dear Asmodee Digital and Z-Man Games — The fact that you’ve brought Onirim to mobile is fantastic. The Oniverse card games are as relaxing and surreal as they are brutally difficult, and it’s wonderful to think that this will introduce more people to the series. So, you know, thank you for that.

onirim mobile
I really, REALLY hope this means you’ll be bringing the others to mobile as well, because (in my opinion) they only get better from here. They’re also thematically and mechanically unique from each other, despite all of them being card games from the same designer (Shadi Torbey). So not only would it mean a series of five solid games, none of them would compete with each other because they’re all different!

Onirim is about managing your hand of cards, creating matches, and trying to escape a labyrinth filled with locked doors and nightmares. Urbion focuses on balance, with players trying to create a neutral ground between good and bad dreams in an ethereal city. Sylvion is sort of like a wave defense game, with players sprouting natural defenses and enlisting the help of woodland creatures in order to stop an encroaching hoard of fire elementals bent on turning the forest to ash. Castellion plays like a puzzle game, where tiles are placed in specific patterns to create strong castle walls to defend against hostile armies and some patterns even grant specific abilities. Finally there’s Nautilion, which is the most recent release, in which the goal is to pilot a submarine into the dark depths of an ocean dreamscape – picking up crew members along the way and hopefully reaching the end before the nightmares escape.

My hope is that Onirim has done well enough to at least have you considering this. All of the Oniverse games are excellent, but the best thing about them is how they’re all great in totally different ways. It’s a series that very much deserves to be made available in its entirety, and I hope that you’re willing and able to make it happen. That, plus I’m still a bit confused as to why Onirim got a special re-release but not Urbion (which is my favorite of the Oniverse games), so any sort of new Urbion release gets a thumbs up and a hug from me! — With love, Rob

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