Game & Watch? Not if You’re Apple

If you’re deeply entrenched in the tech world, there’s a good chance you pulled out your favorite iDevice to watch Apple’s “Spring Forward” event this afternoon: a showcase for Apple’s soon-to-be-released Apple Watch that, according to some trendsetters, could change the way the world tells time.

Of course Apple Watch is meant to be more than just a time piece. From Apple Pay to Siri, scheduling and more, Apple Watch is meant to be a fresh way to use so many of the things we’ve come to depend on from our mobile devices. As a games site, we had naturally expected that would mean, well… games.

Apple may not agree.

apple watch

That’s not to say there won’t be games on Apple Watch, but when it came time to showcase everything their timepiece is capable of, they didn’t feel games were a big enough piece of the picture to talk about today.

Considering some of the cool concepts we’ve seen, as well as the Android Wear (the “Google Watch”) games that have been released so far, this is something of a surprise. From the fan mockup of “Tiny Threes” to Google’s own show of support, adding the Google-created location-based game Ingress to Android Wear last month, the possibilities for watch-based gaming are itching to be explored.

Gun'n'Glory Heroes is a game that fits on your wrist... on Android Wear.
Guns’n’Glory Heroes is a game that fits on your wrist… on Android Wear.

Then again, it’s really up to third-party developers to pick up this torch and run with it.

Let’s hope that they do.

Apple Watch will be available for pre-order on April 10th with prices starting at $349, and launches April 24th.

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