Zynga closing down CityVille 2, Party Place, and The Friend Game

Despite only being around for a few months each, CityVille 2, Party Place, and The Friend Game are all going to be shut down. The announcement was made earlier today during an earnings call, and in the words of Zynga CFO Mark Vranesh—as reported by Inside Social Games—”CityVille 2 missed our expectations despite pushing the envelope in 3D gaming and both The Friend Game and Party Place failed to achieve the mass market appeal Zynga franchise are known for.”

No details were offered about when the games will officially disappear, but it’s probably safe to assume it will be sooner than later. The world of social games is a fast-paced one, after all, and it sounds like there’s little reason for Zynga to keep the games alive beyond an attempt to do right by the people who play them.

We’ll be sure to let you all know if Zynga makes any sort of announcement about cancelation dates. Until then, let’s all weep openly about the loss of The Friend Game. So much potential, that one.

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