Zynga bringing FarmVille 2 to mobile, announce major mobile push for 2013

Zynga revealed in an earnings call today their intent to bring FarmVille 2—amongst other franchises—over to mobile. This is meant to be the first step in a pivotal change for the company, and according to Inside Social Games, CEO Mark Pincus also announced that Zynga will be adopting a “mobile first focus” for the future.

No details were provided about the forthcoming mobile version of FarmVille 2, nor did Pincus namedrop any of the other franchises that will be making the leap (it certainly won’t be CityVille 2). He did, however, express his confidence about Zynga’s position in the mobile space, citing the impressive retention rates of their games – most notably that of Words With Friends, their most popular mobile game.

People have wondered for a while now how Zynga planned to overcome their recent woes and reemerge a serious contender in the casual space. This new emphasis on mobile development appears to be the answer, although only time will tell how well it works out for them.

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