Zynga announces acquisition of studio November Software, new mid-core game in the works

Keeping a surprise is no easy feat in this industry, but Zynga somehow managed to pull it off. The social/mobile juggernaut acquired developer November Software back in Spring, and the studio has been hard at work on a mid-core mobile game for them ever since. The game, formerly known as “Golden Arrow,” has since been changed to Battlestone. Has a bit of a ring to it, huh?

Details are scarce on Battlestone at the moment, but this earlier trailer for Golden Arrow probably paints a decent picture of what we can expect:

So, a 3D action game for iOS/Android with magic, swordplay, and droves of enemies. Sounds like a mid-core game to me! And according to the press release, Zynga has assisted the team with the implementation of social elements, along with general improvements. Much like the game itself, specific details here are few and far between.

This acquisition marks Zynga’s onward march into the realm of mid-core games. Other movements in that direction include the purchase of studio A Bit Lucky, along with the hiring of industry legends like Mark Turmell and John Tobias. I highly doubt they’ll be abandoning their casual stomping grounds anytime soon, but it’s clear they’re at least preparing for the current shift towards meatier games in the mobile and social spaces. 

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