Zynga and Vostu settle lawsuit, Vostu to make changes to four games

After Zynga filed a lawsuit against Vostu back in June claiming the Brazilian developer was copying its games, the two companies have now announced that the suit has been settled. As part of the agreement Vostu will pay Zynga an undisclosed amount of money and make changes to several of its games.

This morning a joint statement was issued by the two companies, explaining as follows:

“Zynga and Vostu have settled the copyright lawsuits and counterclaims against each other in the United States and Brazil. As part of the settlement, Vostu made a monetary payment to Zynga and made some changes to four of its games. The parties are pleased to have settled their disputes and to now put these matters behind them.”

It wasn’t revealed which four games would be changed and how extensive the changes will be, though presumably Megacity will be included as it was one of the games featured in Zynga’s initial lawsuit. Vostu followed up that original lawsuit with a countersuit, claiming that Zynga couldn’t claim ownership over certain game elements and that it, too, was guilty of copying games.

Both developers have been very busy in the time since, with Zynga releasing a slew of high-profile Facebook games including Adventure World and CastleVille, and Vostu launching the real-time arcade soccer game GolMania.

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