Zynga and EA bury the legal hatchet with settlement

Zynga and EA have reached a settlement in their ongoing lawsuit, Inside Social Games is reporting. For those who don’t recall (it began half a year ago, after all), the impetus for this legal battle was EA’s belief that Zynga stole several concepts from The Sims Social for use in The Ville.

In response to this lawsuit, Zynga decided to countersue EA, the argument being EA mimicked the visual style of CityVille in SimCity Social. Things only got uglier from there, with Zynga also accusing EA of trying to prevent them from hiring EA employees. In response, EA argued Zynga was trying to draw attention away from what the case was truly about.

Despite a settlement being reached, it’s all too possible this dispute isn’t over. You can never be too certain with these matters, really, and with other studios having been quite vocal about their disdain for Zynga’s alleged cloning practices, it wouldn’t be too surprising to find the social games juggernaut back in court again.

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