Zuma Blitz is coming to Facebook, but not yet.

By Joel Brodie |

PopCap Games has announced that Zuma Blitz will be launching next month on Facebook. Zuma Blitz, of course, will be based Zuma, PopCap’s second most popular franchise where you are a frog that shoots marbles to pop before the row of marbles reaches the evil end.

At launch, Zuma Blitz will feature:

  • Weekly tournaments and leaderboards
  • An “experience points” system to unlock new features
  • A “treasure chest” virtual currency-based system
  • New features such as time extenders, score multipliers and the “Hot Frog” speed mode (Prefab Sprout would be so proud)

Basically, Zuma Blitz will launch with every feature Bejeweled Blast offers. Inspired? No. Smart. Yes, you can’t argue with success.

We highly suspect Plants vs. Zombies is the next game that will get the Facebook treatment after Zuma.

Based on the press release, the game is slated to be released sometime in August. Go to our Zuma Blitzgame page and set an alert to be notified the moment it is released.

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