YouWeb explores edutainment with Pluto Plays Music

Best known as the incubator that brought us OpenFeint, CrowdStar, and Sibblingz, YouWeb has decided to take a break from the big boys to step into the sandbox with the little ones. The company has just announced its latest venture Pluto Plays Music, an educational game for the iPad that encourages kids to get involved in the world of music.

Players will control Pluto, a penguin determined to learn different songs using a variety of instruments like the guitar, piano, and xylophone. Childhood favourites like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are joined by popular pieces of classical music like Beethoven’s Ode to Joy as players strive to complete songs and unlock new content through an in-app purchasing system.

“Education coupled with gaming and the explosion of tablet devices offers a recipe for disruption,” says Peter Relan, founder of YouWeb. “By creating high-quality games like Pluto Plays Music designed for parents of the post-PC era with engaging characters and fun storylines, we can get kids interested in learning while having fun.”


As a parent to a pre-schooler, it’s hard not to see how Peter’s words definitely ring true. The iPad has become a go-to device for edutainment software, breaking down the barriers for little ones who haven’t quite mastered the mouse and keyboard but still want to be engaged by an interactive experience.

Teaching through touch screens has the potential to be big business. It should be interesting to see if any other big names in the mobile space decide to jump on this growing trend.

Want to give Pluto Plays Music a try with your little ones? The game is available on the App Store free of charge.

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