Your phone has a new friend in the PS4

As you likely know, Sony just announced the PS4. Amongst details about upcoming games, the system’s architecture, and what kinds of social features players can expect, Sony revealed that the console will be able to communicate with your smartphone and/or tablet in some pretty interesting ways.

Perhaps the most exciting example of connectivity is the ability to access supplemental info on your iPhone, iPad or Android device while playing a game. Sony offered the example of being able to look at a map on your phone while playing an adventure game, although the possibilities are teetering on endless.

Additionally, you’ll be able to purchase PS4 games from the comfort of your phone or tablet, and come home to find them downloaded and ready to go on your system. Given the frequently long download times on the PS3—hopefully this is fixed with the PS4—this could be a huge deal. It could also result in quite a few impulse buys, which is good news for Sony.

The last piece of connectivity (at least of what was announced) is the ability to watch streams of people playing games – a feat made easier by the PS4’s potential to broadcast gameplay on services like Ustream. Mention was also made of a feature that allows you to challenge players to a match in whatever game they’re streaming, which could be seriously awesome.

All of these features will be handled through the upcoming “PlayStation App,” the release of which will likely coincide with the launch of the PS4. Speaking of, Sony has confirmed that the system will launch this holiday season.

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