You’ll Struggle To Keep Your Stickman Alive In Stickman Hook On Poki

The trick with game design is not to overthink it. All you really need to have a good time is a few elements done perfectly. In the case of Stickman Hook, that means a convincing physics engine, charming visuals, and just the right amount of chaos.

Every stage sees you swinging and bouncing from one side to the other. Between the start and the finish are nodes that hang in the air. Get close enough to one of these nodes and you’ll be able to swing from it on a rope.

You’ll also find bounce pads, and of course a bottomless void that you need to keep yourself out of at all costs.

It may sound simple, but it’s anything but. Stages in Stickman Hook are intricately designed and artfully balanced, forcing you to manage your momentum with pixel perfection. Using the forces of gravity, swinginess, and bounciness, you need to steer your inert stickman around walls, through corridors, and across perilous ravines. And you can challenge yourself now with an exclusive web version of Stickman Hook on Poki.

It’s all about knowing when to let go. Hold the screen too long and you’ll fly off in the wrong direction, or lose your momentum entirely and end up dangling in mid-air with little hope of getting yourself moving again.

In fact, it’s often best to avoid swinging from nodes altogether. You’ll be surprised how often your stickman manages to reach the end of a stage using the power of bounce alone, or with just a few helpful nudges with your trusty rope.

Stickman Hook comes with two game modes. In Classic, you need to complete well over a hundred increasingly tricky stages, while in Challenge you’ve only got 30 to overcome, but they’re much more devious in design.

In addition, there are several skins to unlock. Completing Classic levels unlocks a few, finishing Challenge stages unlocks a few more, and watching videos unlocks the rest, eventually giving you access to a unicorn, a robot, a stickman in a batsuit, and much more.

Stickman Hook is available on Android and iOS, and you can also check it out via your browser via Poki.

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