You Probably Still Don’t Have a VPN on Your Phone. You Really Need to Get One

You know how you DON’T walk around wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with your home address, cell phone number, and a long list of your personal habits and interests? It’s a great idea. 

Honestly, NOT walking around with that t-shirt on is one of the best ideas you’ve ever had. You owe your privacy, security, and dignity to the fact that you’ve managed to resist ever going outside with that t-shirt on. 

Now you just need to stop wearing it when you go online. 

You may only be dimly aware of what a VPN is. It’s one of those terms that only used to come up in conversations between IT professionals. But over the last few years, as the risks of going online have multiplied, awareness of VPNs for Android has grown as well. 

To get you right up to speed, a VPN (“Virtual Private Network”) keeps you safe on the internet by routing your traffic through an anonymous server, making it completely impossible for anybody to identify you. 

Without a VPN, your IP address is visible to everybody. But when you use a VPN, you share an IP address with thousands of other users around the world, and this IP address changes depending on the server you’re connected to, guaranteeing your privacy – even from your ISP. 

This is reason enough on its own to justify installing a VPN such as Surfshark, IPVANISH, or NordVPN. 

But the benefits don’t stop there. A VPN will allow you to get around firewall restrictions that prevent you from gaming online at work or university or watching Netflix content in other regions. 

It busts the internet open like a pinata, giving you free rein to watch Canadian sitcoms, binge on Australian documentaries, and play Fortnite at your desk during lunch. Plus, because prices usually vary by region, you can become a global canny consumer, paying less for games and other products and services.

Head to PrivacySharks to get the lowdown on which VPN is right for you. 

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