Minecraft Meets Animal Crossing In WorldShards!

WorldShards is open for sign-up Beta testers! This stunning 3D MMO sandbox may be the next big multiplayer game!

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WorldShards, because there is nothing more peaceful than a life-sim that has a blanket of whimsy. This smooth 3D experience invites players to nestle into a community as they build structures both helpful and cosmetic. Master unique professions that would put any retailer to shame, and who could forget the simple charm of exploring vast and illuminating biomes filled with mystery and charming creatures?

You can check out the Closed Beta game trailer here for a snippet into this magical world:

A Shard Of Knowledge On WorldShards

This MMO game is the whole package with gorgeous scenery from floating islands and spanning landscapes, to the cutest NPCs with diverse personalities. But, this sandbox comes with its share of challenges which only adds to its entertainment value. WorldShards makes you the old reliable residential hard worker! Complete quests for NPCs by extracting materials, slaying monster invaders, delivering messages, and crafting!

It doesn’t end there, why would it? WorldShards is a sandbox after all so there is endless fun to be had so long as you can imagine it. And if you can’t, maybe your friends can? WorldShards encourages players to unite and traverse the game together. Form a clan and make them gather all the materials stashed between danger so you can build cute huts everywhere or chase the critters of the local forests.

I totally forgot to mention but the planet you inhabit is full of furry residents! The NPCs that you and your friends can bond with and help are little cats in the absolute cutest attire. If the general game overview didn’t have you hooked already I bet you’ll want to sink your claws in now!

cat worldshards

Check Meowt!

Whilst this game hasn’t been released yet it has already drummed up hype (for me and our team anyway). The game is accepting beta signups so you can give it a go! You can find the signups for the beta over on Google Docs. As for the game itself, be sure to support the creators and check out the Steam page! I know this is definitely going onto my wishlist.

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