Women who play online games are more social, says new study

A new study casts doubt on the stereotype of the online gamer as an anti-social, basement-dwelling introvert. On the contrary, the study, which was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of GameHouse, found that more than half of online gamers (people who play online games on their computer, social networks like Facebook, or mobile devices like iPhones and iPads), are women, and that these women tend to be more social than women who don’t play online games.

The survey polled more than 2,000 adults in the U.S. in October, 2011 and found that 42% of female online games socialize with friends and family in person at least once per day, versus only 31% of women who didn’t play online games. Also, 86% of those who play online games socialize on social networks compared to just 71% who didn’t play online games.

Female online gamers apparently even have the edge on sex! According to the study, female online gamers were found to have sex slightly more frequently than females who didn’t play games online (38% have sex at least once per week, vs. 34% ).

However, both females who play online games and those who don’t are spending a lot of time watching TV (74% of female online gamers watch TV at least once per day as well as 71% of females who don’t play online games).

“Maybe if we all watched a little less TV and played more games online, we’d all be having a little more sex,” said Matt Hulett, chief gamer at GameHouse, a division of RealNetworks, Inc. “Joking aside, this survey matches up with our internal data that women are widely embracing online games with 63% of GameHouse players being women. It’s nice to know that females who play online games are happy – both in their relationships and even in the bedroom.”

Here are a few other surprising facts about today’s females who play online games:

  • More than half are in a serious relationship.Sixty four percent are married or living with a partner, 22% have never been married, and 14% are divorced, separated, or widowed.
  • 7 out of 10 are happy with their relationship status.When asked how satisfied they are in their relationship on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being “completely satisfied” and 1 being “not at all satisfied”), 71% of female online gamers rated their current relationship status with a 6 or above.
  • She is just as active as those who don’t play online games.As it relates to working out or playing sports, there was no significant difference found between those who play online games and those who don’t. Forty nine percent of both females who play online games and females who do not play online games work out or play sports at least once per week or more.
  • She doesn’t play online games to connect with people.Only 16% of the women who play online games say that connecting with people is why they play. More popular reasons are relieving stress (61%), alleviating boredom (58%), and providing a mental break (58%).
  • Games make her happy and feel smarter.Fifty five percent of women who play online games indicated that they are happier in their life because they play online games and 50% feel that online games make them feel smarter.
  • Mommy gamers are likely playing after their kids go to bed.With 38% of women gamers saying they have children under the age of 18 vs. 28% of females who do not play online games, 61% of female online gamers play in the evening between 8:00 pm – 11:59 pm.
  • She’s older and most live in the South.Sixty four percent of female online gamers are over 35 years old with an average age of 42. Thirty five percent of female online gamers live in the South, compared to 21% in the Northeast, 22% in theMidwestand 22% in the West.

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