Wizard Hex update adds in-game instructions

While we loved Trouble Brothers’ original iOS board game Wizard Hex, we weren’t particularly keen on the game’s limited tutorial. And while the developer was kind enough to provides us with a set of instructions to post on the site, it’s simply no substitute for offering something in-app. It looks like Trouble Brothers agrees, as version 1.2 of Wizard Hex has just been released to correct this issue.

Currently what’s provided in version 1.2 is no different than what was shared by the developer with Gamezebo for our Quick Start Guide, however they’ve left room to expand on the introductory instructions that are now included. “The really cool thing about the way we did this is our now being able to feed right from the internet with the latest adjustments to the rules,” says Trouble Brothers’ Jeff McCord. “Plus we will post more and more language localizations which we will be adding as we complete them, tips and tricks, and we could even do something as cool as answer a specific fan’s question on the help scroll (which is accessed through a little touchstone in the corner).”


So what’s next for Wizard Hex? The developers are currently working on improving the AI, and they’ve also stated they’d like to add Game Center functionality and online play “as quickly as time and funding allows.” There’s also the possibility of special spells in the future that will modify the experience, giving elements unique attack and defense spells. Trouble Brothers states that they intend to make these spells available as in-app purchases, as well unlockable through play.

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