Windows Phone 7 too little too late? Not if gamers have anything to do with it!

Microsoft finally has shipped and revealed its new mobile OS, Windows Phone 7. And, according to the techies here in Silicon Valley, it’s too little, too late.

Everyone agrees that Microsoft has done a good job with Windows Phone 7. The OS has a well-designed interface that is easier to use than Android (take it from me, an often frustrated and confused Android user), is equipped with tons of social networking and personalization features, and has its own App store.

Yet, most pundits are dismissing Microsoft’s latest mobile attempt as too little, too late. Microsoft had the early lead in mobile, but has let Apple, Blackberry, and Google create the dominant mobile platforms. There is no room for Windows 7, according to everyone here in the Valley.

I disagree for one reason only: Xbox Live intergration. You’ll be able to connect and potentially play games between your mobile phone and Xbox. With millions of Xbox Live customers, gaming is Microsoft’s Trojan Horse.

If you think that people use their mobile phones to do an array of activities aside from gaming, then common wisdom is correct. Windows Phone 7 is dead on arrival.

If you believe (as I do) that gaming drives early adoptees to mobile devices (as any review of the top sales list for apps on any device show), then Microsoft could level the playing field immediately. Apple and Google fanboys to proclaim that in the brave new mobile world, Microsoft has lost it. But the gamers may show otherwise.

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